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A list of herbal blogs

Today, I came across a blog post that I think our members will find very useful. The post can be found On This Blog.

Here is the link to her post:

I'm making this a public entry, for herbal knowledge is indeed the People's Medicine! And, the herbal learning community is something that should be supported.

Cheers all! Wishing you all the brightest blessings for the day, week, and year!
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FYI: Update, and Congrats to CONJURE OILS!

Time does get away from us here and there, doesn't it?

This has been a little too long coming, but I'd like to congratulate apocalypso23 and her husband on the opening of her store here in Portland, Oregon. Myself and aoibhill accidentally tripped in a few weeks ago, and it was a definite happy surprise. The location used to be another store that I was familiar with, and we meandered in. The name of the store sounded so familiar to me, and as we were browsing through the scents, it came to me...

CONJURE OILS Oh Yeah! I know that webstore!

Now they have a location in SE Portland, on Hawthorn. So, if you are in and around the Portland area, do stop by. I promise, you won't be disappointed. All of their fragrances, and limited seasonal fragrances are there. They also offer astrology and tarot readings, classes, and meeting space for gatherings and classes.

***Remember, ladies! We as a site do offer free advertising for our members.****

For the month of December, our site will be open to all herbal information requests, and or questions that you may have. I've been working on a few projects, and one rather large one for this site. Info to come in the near future. :D

Stay well, ladies. Dream big, and make those dreams real. :D



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Just a little reminder of our rules

When you are accepted as a member of this community, we ask that you post an introduction, telling about yourself, your interests.... This is our site, not a personal blog. We're not "wed" to any one topic, or even a genre. Help make this more of a community.

This site is built on respect. Any and all information shared will never be discussed outside of this realm (unless the post or poster wishes the information to be shared), and each person's ideals, beliefs, creed, race, and opinions will be respected. We do expect that everyone involved will realize that your own religious views may not held by all, and "preachy" behavior will not be tolerated.

In discussions, religion and spirituality may indeed come into play, we ask that if your own beliefs do not "jive" with those that are stated, that you hold your peace. Things can and will get heated now and then, and fighting over which "moral", "religious", or "spiritual" view is correct is not an argument that will be tolerated.

All women are welcome here, no matter what your sexual preference, sexual beliefs, political beliefs, or religious affiliations. This is a place of solace, unity, and friendship.

We do not mind you advertising yourself, your skills, or your products here, however, these posts or intention of posting will be presented to the moderators first. We will not accept false advertisements, or those posts that do not concern what we are attempting to achieve. Please email us, at: womenheal@livejournal.com. Right now, this email will come directly to me, but hopefully in the future (after I have spoken to our mod team) it will be able to be accessesed by all of our mods.

At the moment, all posts will be moderated until you have been accepted and have posted at least once in this community. We don't wish to discourage membership, but we want to ensure that our posters will not be harassed.

This is a site that has a zero tolerance for drama. There are plenty of places on the net and livejournal for dramatics. Please take that nonsense elsewhere. Occasionally, there may be difficulties between members of this community, or even with myself. I have faith that these situations can be handled in private conversations. If there are any problems that need to be discussed you can feel free to contact me or the moderators privately.


I've recently been reading through the posts and responses, and for the most part, (with the exception of introductions! POKE!) everyone has been doing a terrific job. Who isn't? ME.
I broke one of our own rules (that I wrote), and for that, I sincerely apologize. It's obvious to me that I got overly preachy on the Voting post, and I won't let that happen again. In fact, I'm going to start a separate project that is aimed at registering women voters. It will not run over into our site. My apologies again.

I do wish that the members of this site would have called me on my "preachy" behavior. I do invite any and all of you to do so. And, I will be properly ashamed that I went against one of the principles of this site.

Most of you know this, but just another reminder: We have a Twitter account and a Facebook page for outreach purposes. Please help us to spread the word! Facebook likes are always wanted, and for those a bit more daring, please post links on your own pages to help spread the word. :D. THANKS!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Womenheal/161251570618915?sk=info

Twitter: http://Twitter.com/womenheal

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FYI Womenheal Week in Review

Most of these topics are member locked. Those that are not are starred.

Pronoun choices: Should we as a group use non gender specific pronouns?

Which pronouns do you prefer?

Group question: Pronoun choice?

Weekend Workshop Part I: Wild Crafting, or Wildcrafting

Definition and Scenario. Opinion Vote

Some Ethical Wildcrafting Suggestions (10 listed)

Wildcrafting questions, my request, and member request ( some information about Red Clover Trifolium pratense)

Weekend Part II: Lydia Bartholow's "The Body Remembers: The Physiology of Stress, Health Disparities, and Botanical Interventions."

The Physiology of Stress/What can happen to the body when under stress for a long period of time.

Cortisol and the Parasympathetic Nervous System/"Broken Window Syndrome"

"Broken Window Syndrome"/"Opression Illness" Materia Medica intro.

Materia Medica cont: Pedicularis, Lousewort.

Materia Medica cont: Skullcap

ayeshadream Informative Posts on Florentine Renaissance Wetnursing and Prenatal Food in Renaissance Italy

Florentine Renaissance Wetnursing- more care than just milk

Fruit of the Womb: Prenatal Food in Renaissance Italy

****And lastly, a question about women's voting habits.
Voting: The Single Women's Vote*****

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VOTING: The Single Women's Vote

It astounds me on how much I still have to learn. In the past few months, this has become painfully apparent to me. I still know virtually nothing. At the same time, it is a very exciting time in my life, since I have so many different ideas to research. What I'd like to write about now is one of my "REALLY? I had no idea!" moments and see what you lovely ladies have to say about it.

Do you know how many single US women between the ages of 18 and 24 did not vote in the 2000 election? An approximate number: 22 million. Many of which are not registered to vote.

I recently read an article from a "local-ish" paper (Eugene, OR), and was shocked by what the reports were. In my own little world, I didn't think that so many women wouldn't take the time to vote. I couldn't help but think of those that came before us that fought so hard to insure the right to vote for us, and then we'd just toss it aside? Really?

Though, as I read on through the article, I began to understand the reasons why so many single women choose not to vote, however, I still felt a bit indignant. "Voting is a power. Why would you throw away more of your power?". Yes, I'm a twit. I admit it. I'm a "twit" in that I tend to judge more than I should, but I do feel strongly about our privilege of voting, and have since I was sixteen years of age. OK, so I couldn't vote then, but I so looked forward to my 18th birthday, so I could register to vote. Why? I once was in a drama class with a mixed group of men and women at various ages. There was one older man who was a teacher on sabbatical, whose opinions and words made me twitch. He seemed racist, misogynistic, and very very open with his POV. He once said, and this is very close to a direct quote, "I have advice for young people. Don't vote. You give my Vote more power."

Talk about a reason to vote? Think about that one little statement for a moment.

OK. That's my diatribe. Please share what you think. This is not a judgment call, and feel free to answer anonymously.

Since we have a number of ladies that are members within this age group, both in the US and in other countries, I think it is a good discussion topic. What about the ladies that are not in the US? Do you have voting rights? Do you partake in your country's elections? Why or why not?

If you'd like to read the article that I found: Eugene Weekly Single Women Voters

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Plant of the Week on Facebook

As most of you know, we do have a FACEBOOK page, as well as a TWITTER account. I have started doing a "Plant of the Week" note post (I started it when we began these accounts).

These are plant info posts that have already been posted in our community, and I have re-created them as note files for these accounts. None of the comments that were posted here in our community have been added.

So far we have created notes for:
This week: Chastetree (Vitex)
Last week: Calendula

There are also posts for St. J's and for Chickweed.

As I said, I just re-created the posts that can be found in our Memories. Though, some of you may want to take a look at our facebook page to remind yourselves of what these amazing plants can do for you. There are also some really sweet quotes, as well as other links to pages that have information that I think that you may be interested in.

We could use a little input (suggestions...), and some help spreading the word. Thanks again!

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For those of you

That are watching our community, and those of you that are members who prefer to lurk:

You are always welcome, and WE truly hope that you will find a home here. On a personal level, I hope that you will join in our conversations. Even if it's to say, "hey, I don't agree, and here's why...", or "I want to know more!", or "You are all absolutely out of your ever loving minds."

It is our goal as a community to create a safe place, where we are open to all questions, complaints, suggestions, and/or comments. "Flaming" is a situation that will never be tolerated here. There may be times when there are disagreements, and that is a major factor in the learning process. It's ok for people to disagree, as long as it is done with a sufficient amount of grace, and the ability to know when to "agree to disagree." I am not omitted from this. Sometimes I fail badly, but it's a goal :D.

If there are any difficulties, that is what our moderator team is for.

For those of you that have posted, and have given this community a bit of yourself and time, THANK YOU! Your words have reached quite a few eyeballs, and even though there may not be a million thousand and fourteen comments, your contributions have made a difference to and for all of us.

And remember, many of our posts are locked and for members only!

So, I've promised to get back on track, and that Hamamelis virginiana Post is on the way! Just a few more things to research there!

Cheers to all of you!

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Pollyanna Principle--Game Part V

It's not exactly like calling someone a "Pollyanna"--which is someone who has a consistent trait of always viewing the bright side, or wearing "Rose colored glasses". The principle, which is also known as "Positive bias", is something a little more aimed at all of us.

On Wikipedia, the principle is described as: "...describes the tendency for people to agree with positive statements describing them." It also states: "Research indicates that, at the unconscious level, our minds have a tendency to focus on the optimistic while, at the conscious level, we have a tendency to focus on the negative."

I believe that what we do behind the scenes (in our own body/mind) is exactly what shows itself in our features, in our bodies, our expressions, our vocal tones..., even when we are not quite aware of it. I also believe that many illnesses are born this same way. Our unconscious selves like to dwell in negative land, but our outer self likes the positive. Conundrum.

Let's for the sake of the game, assume that this "hypothesis" or "Point of View" is correct. That we ALL tend to accept the "rose colored" views of ourselves, but internally bash the crap out of ourselves.

What about that cousin that you have with "Pollyanna syndrome?" She always is focusing on the good instead of the bad, almost to the point of making the person hearing her ramble on nauseous. Is she always happy? Is she always thankful? Is she always gracious? Is she all of these things to everyone, including herself?

On the other hand, we all know at least one person who constantly dwells on the negative side of things---the "Negative Nancy." Imagine what this person's unconscious mind is doing? Serious self abuse there. Do these people suffer from more "illness" than the rest of us?

What are your thoughts?

Where do you fit in?

Do you think this is more of a "spectrum" idea? Some are a little bit more "Pollyanna" and a little less "Negative Nancy?" Vice versa? If so, where do you lie? (A scale of 0-10 Negative Nancy being the lowest, Pollyanna being the highest.)

Again, IP Logging turned off. Anonymous answers are allowed. Answers are NOT screened.

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